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"Happening" started operating 40 years ago. More specifically, the brand started its operations in 1981, manufacturing and exporting ladies-wear garments in France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Austria, Russia, U.S.A., and Switzerland.

As years went by, the brand decided to expand its brand in the Greek market which was only 10% of the brand�s total activity. Meanwhile, producers from the Far East entered the European market and the customers were asking for cheaper prices of goods, resulting in a reduction in the brand's profit. For this reason, the brand decided in 1996 to move its production facilities outside Greece, to Bitola, North Macedonia. By transferring the production facilities to North Macedonia, the brand managed to produce high quality products at affordable prices.

Nowadays, "Happening" runs 2 stores, and has 300 sales points.

The target market of the brand is young women, with average income level, who want to look fashionable.